Company Information

  • Our Vision

    Built on a foundation of a technical achievement, we offer you the most innovative concepts of “Safety and Hygiene” as in the past and into the future.

  • Policy

    Under the corporate philosophy of Service for Safety, Health and Comfortable Environment, we help in creating safe and comfortable work environment by offering high performance, versatile functionality, and superior quality products.

  • Corporate Profile

    As a safety product provider, we are a company that takes safety regulation compliance seriously in all we do.

  • Corporate History

    Midori Anzen continues to develop products with high quality, exceptional performance and uncompromising comfort without putting safety at risk – all under the motto of delivering excellent safety products at popular prices.

  • Network of Group Company

    Midori Anzen has an indigenously developed system equipped with a wide range of special expertise and competencies.

  • Business sites in China

    The business sites in China of Shanghai Midori Anzen are in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.